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Willam for Betsey Johnson - Fashion Week


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"The suit does all the talking."

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  • The monetary cost for a rape victim to receive treatment at a hospital in the United States.




what the actual FUCK

I wish I could even be shocked

Just gonna keep reblogging this


this is the biggest crock of fucking bullshit i’ve ever fucking seen FUCK

“but why didn’t you go to the hospital?”

Okay, dropping some truth bombs because this is fucked up and may scare people away from actually reporting a sexual assault for fear of having to pay ridiculous medical bills. 

Under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) states have laws in place that if you report a sexual assault you are not responsible for the cost of your medical care or rape kit as a result of that assault. This may be the on paper charges for the medical attention a victim receives but chances are they were not actually asked to pay a dime. 

From RAINN’s website: 

Under the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 (“VAWA 2005”), starting in 2009, states must certify that they do not “require a victim of sexual assault to participate in the criminal justice system or cooperate with law enforcement in order to be provided with a forensic medical exam, reimbursement for charges incurred on account of such an exam, or both.”

Under this law, a state must ensure that victims have access to an exam free of charge or with a full reimbursement, even if the victim decides not to cooperate with law enforcement investigators. Previously, states were required to ensure access to exams free of charge, but could put conditions on the exam, such as cooperating with law enforcement officials.”

I’ve seen this post circling around for awhile and it always really bothers me because while I think the intent is good in reality all it’s doing is scaring a shit ton of people away from actually reporting their assault out of fear of facing huge medical bills. 

I can’t speak for other countries, but in the United States this is just simply NOT true. 

Please don’t continue to spread misinformation that could dissuade victims from seeking much needed medical attention or justice. 


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reasons at the bottom why americans are dumbasses. halloween is NOT A FUCKING HOLIDAY. it’s the vigil before the feast of all hallows (sometimes known as all saints day). All Saints Day, the day on which Catholics celebrate all the saints, known and unknown. It arose out of the Christian…

Let me be a dumbass American then!

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Pedro del Hierro RTW Spring 2015

Carmen March took his spring cues from Slim Aarons’ photos of aristocratic women summering in the south of Spain for the Pedro del Hierro label. For More

For all RTW Spring 2015

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Ohne Titel RTW Spring 2015

The surfer girl informed Ohne Titel designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams’ line for spring. For More

For all RTW Spring 2015

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Meden RTW Spring 2015

Meden’s spring collection was inspired by both fine and mechanical art. For More

For all RTW Spring 2015

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Drag Race Questions

<b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> </b> 1. Favorite queen? Bianca Del Rio <p><b></b> 2. Least favorite queen? Magnolia Crawford/Akasha <p><b></b> 3. Best lipsynch? Dida Ritz / Morgan vs. Sonique <p><b></b> 4. Sashay away that should not have happened? Pandora Boxx <p><b></b> 5. Dream queen? Evah Destruction <p><b></b>6. Favorite challenge? Wrestling Challenge/ Reading Season 2 <p><b></b> 7. Underappreciated queen? Morgan McMichaels (seriously, get to the Showgirls Weho YouTube page.) <p><b></b> 8. Favorite runway? All of Season 3 <p><b></b> 9. Favorite outfit worn on the runway? Raven's last outfit on All Stars <p><b></b>10. Favorite quote from a queen? Girl if I wanna come for you I'll come to your room at night and cut your fucking wigs up! <p><b></b> 11. Most anticipated queen of season 7? I really think Miss Fame is finally gonna be on! <p><b></b> 12. Favorite guest judge? Bob Mackie <p><b></b> 13. Michelle, Santino or Merle? Merle <p><b></b> 14. Cutest queen out of drag? Milk <p><b></b> 15. Overrated queen? Manilla Luzon <p><b></b> 16. Favorite season song? Sissy That Walk! <p> <p><p><p><p>
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Esther Quek

The badass boss that redefines androgyny.

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the single greatest moment of the series


the single greatest moment of the series

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"Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost."

- Khalil Gibran (via ensemblenoir)

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